Nagpur Man Filed Complaint Of An Unusual Theft, Left Policemen Confused

3:17 pm 9 Jan, 2019


Recently, Nagpur Police Commissioner Bhushan Kumar Upadhyay was briefing media during a program where the police department was present to return the stolen articles worth Rs. 82 lakh to their respective owners. Wow! Police found stolen articles worth such a big amount. However, sometimes it happens that even police find it impossible to search for our most precious things. Our most loved things stay with us and if we lose them, then we report them as stolen. But what if they could never be found by the police?

A similar incident was shared by the commissioner when he said that police can find stolen products but sometimes even they can’t find everything. Recently, an incident was reported in Nagpur police station where a young man reported for his stolen ‘heart’. The police officer dealing with this man found himself in the confusion of how to respond to such a report.




When the police officer told about the very strange complaint to the superiors then they came to the conclusion that there is no clause in the law about such theft and they cannot do anything for him. Obviously, how would police enquire about this?



Interacting with the media, Nagpur Police commissioner, on a lighter note, said:

“We can return stolen articles, but sometimes we also get such complaints which even we cannot solve.”



I am wondering what made the guy think that police can find his heart? The blood pumping machine which is already inside his ribs. First of all, how can anyone steal it like this? But then, I remembered that love is blind and even ‘heartless’. I wish his mind makes him understand that his heart is with him only.




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