11 Lesser-known Facts About Female Naga Sadhus That You Must Know

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12:17 pm 11 Jan, 2019


Mahakumbh Mela is highly celebrated in the city of Ujjain. Many of us are unaware that this Kumbh Mela is not only attended by male naga sadhus but is a great attraction for female naga sadhus as well. There are certain rules for naga sadhus to attend the mela which is not only mandatory fors male but for females as well.

Here are some interesting facts about naga sadhus that you might not know:



1. Before becoming a hermit, for 6 to 12 years, a woman has to follow all the rules of brahmacharya. If the woman succeeds to do that, then she is ordained by her guru.




2.  Sadhus investigate the woman’s past life, family and friends before making her a naga sadhu.



3. Before becoming a naga sadhu, the woman has to do her own pinddan and libation.



4. Female naga sadhus are first made to shave their heads and then made to bathe in the river as a part of a ritual.



5. Female naga sadhus are given equal respect as male naga sadhus. They also take the royal bath along with male naga sadhus in the holy river.



6. In the path of becoming a naga sadhu, a woman has to show that she is a complete devotee of God and has no interest in worldly pleasures.



7. There is only one difference in female and male naga sadhus. Female naga sadhus are made to cover themselves with a yellow cloth. They are not allowed to bathe naked and hence they have to use that that yellow cloth while bathing as well.



8. The Acharya Mahamandaleshwar ordains the woman as a sanyasi.



9. As their lives are completely devoted to God, their day starts with praying and ends with the same.



10. Female naga sadhus put tika on their foreheads and wear just a single yellowish or white cloth.



11. When a woman becomes a naga sadhu, then all the priests in her group start calling her mata.




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