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10 Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

Published on 4 May, 2018 at 4:55 pm By

Himachal is called Dev Bhoomi as there is local deity that is looking over its patrons in each and every village of the state. And what better way to please the Gods than to dance for them. Dancing, they say, when done with the body and soul gets you a direct connection with the Almighty.


In Himachal there is a long list of dances for every occasion, in every form and unique to every region. These dances are mostly performed at the local fairs and at happy occasions like marriages and coming of the devta. Women and men dressed up in their traditional attire, dance away to glory.

Today we have for you a list on the traditional dances from Himachal Pradesh, take a look–

10. The Gugga Dance

This dance originates from the lower hills of Himachal Pradesh. It is performed in dedication to the GuggaPir. He is believed be the protector of animals and snakes. The main symbol of this dance is the huge flag and umbrella that is carried to the deity’s place.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

9. The Jhamakada Dance

Is a dance from the Kangra district of Himachal.It is only performed by young girls and the highlight of this dance is the strong lyrics and percussion based instruments.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

8. The Chhanak Chham Dance


This dance is performed by the lama’s of Lahaul Spiti and this dance to please the Gods is performed at the Chakhar Festival, every three years. The word Chhanak originates from the headgear worn by the dancers. The theme of the dresses at this dance is black, yellow, and gold. Traditional wear in patchwork is specially worn on this occasion. The dancers with knives in their hand and half mouths covered are a powerful sight. It’s a slow graceful dance compared to other Himachali dances.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

7. The Losar Shona Chuksam

The Kinnauri’s like to dance and they do it in style. Losar in native language means New Year and is held every year in the months of Chaitra and Vaishakha. You will instantly recognize this dance by seeing the big Dhol, the Bugjal and the long pipe called Karnal.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh


6. The Enchanting Lahauli Dance

It looks similar to Ladaki dance and is essentially performed on the beats of the Damman and Surna, Ladaki instruments. The music might be Ladakhi, but the dance style is very Lahauli.The dancers lock their hands and move in a rhythmic fashion. The ornaments are made of stones and beads. Dancers adorn their traditional long embroidered gowns and wear their matching jackets over it.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

5. The Shiv Badar Nati

The upper hills of Mandi reverberate with the sound of traditional music when men and women perform the Shiv Badar Nati. It is mostly performed on Shivratri and other major religious occasions. The dancers look in sync with each other and dance gracefully to the tunes.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

4. The Ghurehi

This is a beautiful dance performed by pretty ladies of Chamba, in annual fairs and other religious occasions. The women in traditional gear and ethnic jewelry are a sight to be seen.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

3. The Dandras

The Dandras is performed in the Chamba district of Himachal. Holding small sticks in the hands the dance is performed. The dance is generally performed at jatras or fairs and can go on for many hours.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

2. The Thoda dance

Thoda is a war dance that is performed before men go to war. There are old rituals that are performed by holding a bow and arrow in the hands. The dancers actually try to mimic a battle scene by dancing.

Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

1. The Kullu Natti

The KulluNatti is a world famous dance of Kullu district that is mostly performed at fairs and festivals. There is a long procession of dancers who are accompanied by musicians playing ethnic instruments. The musical instruments that you might get to see are Kranal, Shehnai, Dhol and Nagara.


Traditional Dance Forms Of Himachal Pradesh

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