6 Shafqat Amanat Ali Songs That Leave The Heart Entrenched With Feelings

3:00 am 16 Sep, 2014


One of the youngest and most successful male singers in Bollywood today, Shafqat Amanat Ali needs no introduction. This Pakistani classical singer has given the Hindi film industry several beautiful songs in quite less time, earning himself huge reputation as a youth icon!

Here are 6 tracks by him that’ll leave your heart entrenched with feelings:

6. Teri Jhuki Nazar (Murder 3)

One of the best Hindi songs in the modern times, “Teri Jhuki Nazar” has Shafqat Amanat Ali in full form. A passionate composition by Pritam, the deep voice of Shafqat leaves every listener spellbound. The song has been immensely popular amongst the Indian masses and even after one year of its release, it is featured as one of the best ever by Amanat Ali.


5. Ye Hausla (Dor)

Sung to perfection by Amanat Ali, “Ye Hausla” is a combination of sadness, optimism, and positive emotions. What makes this classical composition by Salim-Sulaiman all the more pleasing is a consistently sober and rhythmic beat, and minimal use of musical instruments.

The nominal yet consistent doses of orchestral beats have made this energetic song written by Mir Ali Husain come about more beautifully and meaningfully!

4. Tere Naina (My Name is Khan)

“Tere Naina” is a romantic number that successfully cashed King Khan’s overpoweringly romantic image, and played an important role in making My Name is Khan a big hit. Amanat Ali has done full justice to this Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy composition.

Like other songs from the movie, “Tere Naina” is a loveable track that beautifully transforms into a qawaali by the end. The change has been done quite astutely and the listener gets completely taken by the melody without noticing it. A unique instrumental chemistry is playing in the background. The soft humming of ‘Tabla’ and ‘Sitar’ has added to the beauty of this track. The credit for the song’s success goes, of course, to Amanat Ali.

3. Allah Waariyan (Yaariyan)

A beautifully sung, sad separation number, “Allah Waariyan” is a real musical delight. Amanat’s voice painfully captures the emotions of longing for a beloved.  He sails through the track with absolute ease and mastery while several Hindustani musical instruments add to the grace of the song. The composition is also a testimony of the fact that Arko Pravo Mukerjee, the music director has the potential to catch the nerve of the young generation!

2. Mitwa (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna)

A highly popular song from Karan Johar directed Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, “Mitwa” is one of the most appreciated Hindi melodies ever. The song is written by Javed Akhtar and composed by Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy, the renowned musical trio of Bollywood.

Amanat has sung this Sufi rock ballad so beautifully that it was positively receive by critiques and the masses. It remained at #1 position of country wide charts for a very long time, and got praised by many stars including Vidya Balan.

1. Bin Tere (I Hate Love Storys)

A soft romantic track with a distant male voice, “Bin Tere” can steal your heart every time you listen to it. Written this time by Vishal Dadlani, anyone can relate to its lyrics and be touched by the soulful voice of Amanat Ali.

The strumming of a mellow guitar in the background goes well with the mood of the song and makes it sound heavenly.


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