8 Renowned Bollywood Celebrities Who Have A Degree To Their Name

3:00 am 2 Oct, 2014

You may be wondering how this is useful information. The wisest of men always said that there’s balance in the Universe, a Yin for every Yang. When we have uneducated politicians elected to the highest of posts, it’s only fair that the profession which doesn’t demand a degree have a few celebs with them. Some are lucky, while some are thrust into the spotlight. So who are the lucky ones?

8. Preity Zinta

Preity Zinta is stellar example of how to chase your dreams once you’ve grounded your feet. She was always a bright girl in school, did her under-grad in Psychology and her Master’s in Chemical Physiology. That’s right; she knows what’ll set those chemicals off. No wonder she was so popular when she chose to be.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

7. Vidya Balan

The ever so beautiful Vidya Balan might be the butt of many fat jokes, but she’s proven that her brains far outweigh most of Bollywood’s talent combines. She holds a degree in Psychology and a MA from the University of Mumbai.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

6. Parineeti Chopra

One of the smartest cookies around, Parineeti wanted to be an Investment Banker way back in 2011, when she earned a triple honors degree in business, finance and economics before deciding to revert back to acting. Now here’s someone who can do her own taxes (or escape them).

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

5. Soha Ali Khan

Unlike her big brother Saif, Soha wanted to ensure that her acting career wasn’t going to be an impulsive act. She attended The British School in New Delhi and Balliol College, Oxford, following which she got a Master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Science. Truly one of a kind.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

4. Aishwarya Rai

When you have the honour of being Miss Universe, very rarely do you have a degree to back you. But as with most rules, Aishwarya Rai remains an exception. She enrolled at Raheja College for a degree in Architecture. She even considered medical school before finally choosing to lay back and become the Miss Universe. She’s always made it look so easy.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

3. Imran Khan

A lesser known fact about Imran Khan is that he’s not all boyish good looks and charm. After finishing his schooling in California, he did a film making degree from the New York Film Academy branch in Los Angeles. Guess who has the upper hand on Ranbir this time?

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

2. Madhavan

When acting calls, you drop whatever you’re doing if you’re passionate enough. Just ask Madhavan, a real life example of how to chase one’s dreams. He has a degree in Electronics from the Rajaram College in Kolhapur. He even received training with the Royal Army, the Navy and the Air Force before dropping it all to come and act. This here, ladies and gentlemen, is passion.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

1. Amitabh Bachchan

Fate has a funny way of making things happen. Possibly the greatest Actor of all time was a gigantic nerd back in the day. He was a double major in Science and also had an Honorary Doctorate degree from the Queensland University in Australia before deciding to grace us with his presence on and off screen. Bachchanji, thank you for not going the conventional way. You’ve made so many people happy.

Renowned Bollywood Celebrities

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