6 Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

11:00 pm 8 Oct, 2014

What can I say about Nagraj that hasn’t been said already? Remember that guy who slithered his way into your childhood memories? Well has he ever left your memory? Probably not, cause he’s brilliant. But there’s always been a debate over whether a mainstream film should be made on Nagraj, and I agree that it should, and here’s why:

6. Indian Superhero

Nagraj is very close to our hearts because he’s homemade. We’ve had quite a string of shitty characters come out over the past couple of decades but he definitely isn’t one of them. We need to show the world that we have a classic superhero of our own; one that we love and are proud of.

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

5. Original story

You’ll probably agree with me that the general trend in comics is to murder the parents off, orphan the child and make them suffer loneliness in order to make them super powerful and tough of mind. Nagraj has a refreshingly new background story. It’s unique in the sense that it both explains how his powers came to be and that it’s not all about being depressed. Let’s break the monotony and explore something new.

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

4. A Range of Superpowers

Nagraj is one of the most “talented” superheroes you’ll ever see. Granted that some of his powers are explained, but a lot of his powers aren’t. He’s actually unstoppable, if you think about it. He can transform, has venom coming out of his breath and snakes appear out of nowhere to aid him, he can climb walls…he makes most of the American heroes look like clowns. Who wouldn’t like to see all these powers in actions?

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

3. A Commercial Success

Nagraj was a huge success as a comic. Even today, when I ask people which Indian comic book hero they remember, they unanimously say “Nagraj”! His fan following has grown over the last two decades and it’s amazing how loyal they are to him. Without a doubt, a movie on Nagraj would become a massive commercial success.

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

2. So Many Villains

Nagraj was quite famous among the good and equally infamous among the wicked. He’s managed to make a lot of enemies in his fight for justice. Watching a movie based on Nagraj would be like watching the Avengers in reverse; 1 hero and a ton of villains. It’d certainly be interesting to see how he tackles so many of them alone, considering that the only other hero of his intelligence capable of doing this is Batman.

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

1. A Generation Apart

Nagraj was written way back in the day and has a lot of followers. But the main attraction would be in luring the youth into following him. A well created animation movie with a solid storyline would match any that come from Pixar or Disney today but the trick is to keep up with the trends. Seeing him in a graphically remastered version sounds like an experience any Nagraj fan would love to see. Just hope this article helps fuel the fires and set the wheels in motion.

Reasons Nagraj Should Be Made Into A Movie ASAP

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