15 Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

11:00 pm 2 Sep, 2014

Kolkata always gives visitors a warm welcome – after all it’s known as the “Paris of the East.” Unlike, other metro cities in India, Kolkata adores a special class of richness. Its culture, food, temples, cathedrals, monuments and bazaars, all of them are smeared in earthiness.

The city is one of largest metros in India and tightly populated, but that gives us all the more reasons to be here and take pleasure in the offerings. Here’s a list of 15 fun things that you must do, if you’re in Kolkata:

15. Admiring the Elegance of Marble Palace

Built by Raja Rajendra Mullick in 1835, Marble Palace is a one the most attractive monuments in Kolkata. The palace is made with more than 100 varieties of marble and is home to some of the most classy antiques and furniture from the British Raj era.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

14. See fountains dancing to the musical beats at Victoria Memorial Garden

As the fountains dance to the musical note, every evening at 7, the Victoria Memorial Garden becomes a spectacle of brilliantly synchronization lights and melody.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

13. A Trip to the Superb Science City

Kolkata is home to the largest science city in India and has several luring attractions such as Space odyssey, Dynamotion, Dinosaurs Complex, Life Science Corners, Science Park and Toy Train & Ropeway.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

12. Hangout at the Nicco Park

Popular as the Disneyland of Kolkata, this place has something special for everyone. With numerous adventure rides, a beautiful lake and big food courts, you can spend hours and even days here.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

11. Boating in the Famous Salt Lake of Kolkata

Located just about 12 km from the core city, Salt Lake is a perfect picnic spot for the entire family. Covering an area of almost 400 acres, the lake has different boating facilities and a perfect place to enjoy with family and friends.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

10. Find Out the Indian Botanical Garden

If you are too bored of visiting archeological monuments of Kolkata, take a relaxing trip to the Indian Botanical Garden. This place is a natural encyclopedia to almost every flora type in the world.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

9. Visiting the Rat Colony

Since rats are considered a ride to Lord Ganesh, the rat colony or the rat park is an out-and-out protected area for rats. People come and feed them in open and rats know it’s a feast out there.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

8. Bargained Shopping at the New Market

Located on the historical Lindsay Street, New Market is a popular bazar that has something special for everyone. The market is colossal and has popular shops for clothes, jewelry and food stuffs.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

7. Shopping at the Bara Bazar

Popular as the Chandni Chowk of Kolkata, Bara Bazar is one stop for all your needs. Besides, the market is reasonable and provides you with a variety of options to choose from.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

6. Dine Asian and say Oh! Calcutta

When looking for delicious Bengali cuisines, Oh! Calcuttais probably the best hangout place to go. Because of its classy ambience, the restaurant is a popular among the richer sections of the bongs.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

5. Tasting Mexican and Italian Flavors in Kolkata

You can enjoy the appetizing flavors from all corner of the world in Kolkata. However, you can always enjoy the best of Mexican and Italian food at Amigos and Fire & Ice respectively.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

4. A Peaceful Walk in the South Park Street Cemetery

Surprisingly, to find peace in this fast lane city, you will have to move south to the South Park Street cemetery. This place is peaceful and talking a walk here will surely keep you calm for a long-long time.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

3. Adoring the Holy Dakshineswar Kali Temple

Located opposite to the iconic Hooghly River, is the famous Dakshineswar Kali Temple that holds a special significance for different Hindu communities and a must visit when you’re in Kolkata.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

2. Enjoy the Appetizing Food Flavors of Kolkata

Wherever you head to Kolkata, it’s sure that you will stop over a tempting street food stall. From several run snacks to chilling rabri and lassi, you will find all flavors of India in the city of Kolkata.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

1. A Wildlife Trek into the Sundarbans

There’s no better place to see the majestic Indiana tiger playing in the backyard than The Sundarbans. Do plan a small trip if your heart yearns for some adventure and natural beauty.

Fun Things To Do In Kolkata

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