12 Ways You Can Have Unbridled Fun In Delhi, Without Offending Anyone

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 12:33 pm


Most of us have a love-hate relationship with Delhi. We love the food, but we dislike the people. We love the malls, but we hate the heat outside. We love eating the street food, but we detest the beggars. Despite the numerous arguments, Delhi is a happening place. The amalgamation of people from all kind of backgrounds, regions and descents makes it a very interesting potion. You have endless places to eat and the list for shopping will need a separate post. The options for having fun in Delhi ranging from the classiest to the most rustic are numerous. Be ready to unwind and take it as it comes.

Let’s read about the fun things you must do when visiting Delhi –

12. Go Frolicking With Gal Friends to India Gate

If you don’t mind the annoyances, a trip to India Gate is a must. Go check out the hordes of Delhites in their best attires making the best of a venue that has no entry ticket.



11. Hog on All Kinds of Chaat At Chandni Chowk And Chawri Bazaar

You have to have chaat here, the passing cars, the friendly insects in the lanes and the pollution adds its own unique flavor to these gastronomical delights. And the paranthe wali gali is also just around the corner.


10. Stock Up On Spices in the Khari Baoli

For those of you, who like to cook original ethnic recipes, this is the place to buy original spices. You can get anything from dried prunes to the most expensive saffron here.

kaori baoli Delhi

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9. Get Dressed And Go for A Stroll In CP

Connaught Place is the most happening address for most Delhites still. It’s designed in the form of a square, the elite showrooms and the up-market crowd, all impress any bystander. And, don’t forget to grab a sandwich from Wengers and have Keventers milk while there.


8. You Have To Have The Kulle Ki Chaat

It’s the most beautiful savory dish that you will ever have on the streets. The hollowed out fruit is filled with a spicy mixture of various fruits. Eat it thinking it’s healthy; don’t worry about the water it was washed with.


7. Savor the Dripping Jalebis at Famous Jalebi Wala

We bet you haven’t had jalebis better than this ever in your life. The secret is the khand they use instead of sugar. And always buy a little extra.


6. Shop Till You Drop At Janpath

Fight for bargains and buy casual clothes, and accessories from here. The greatest bargains in Delhi are sought here.


5. Get Ready To Be Shocked At Chor Bazar

Grab a bunch of close friends, pick a pleasant day and go for some crazy shopping to Chor Bazar. You can buy practically anything under the sky here. Just have the knack to identify a fake from an original. And remember hitting the scene at 6 AM is a good idea.

choor bazaar delhi

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4. Book Worms Are In For A Pleasant Surprise At Daryaganj

Daryaganj on Sundays is converted into a sea of books for the book lovers. They just need to have the time and patience to pick one.


3. Marvel at the Splendor of Qutab Minar

One of the most well kept historical places in Delhi. A visit to the Qutab Minar is must to witness the old heritage and splendor of the Mughals.


2. Take Your Kids to See The Rail Museum

The children will marvel at the collection and it will be a trip to remember. A great place to have a family picnic. A ride in the toy train is a must.


1. The National Science Center will bedazzle you

Half a dozen galleries and working exhibits will force your mind to go into a frenzy. A must for kids to know of things they have read in textbooks.



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