8 Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

8:00 am 21 Sep, 2014

Don’t you just miss those golden years? You know, when you were a kid, you had your innocence intact, you thought and did whatever you want without any thought about consequence…those were the good ol’ days. And as a kid, I’m sure we’ve thought the silliest things, most of which were clearly not true growing up. Here are 8 misconceptions we had as a kid:

8. Digging a hole in the ground will eventually lead you to China

I don’t remember exactly how this came about but most people heard it on television. And no matter whom I consult about it, they all thought the same thing (to tell you the truth, some still think this is possible). I have to admit, I tried it. But after a few hours in the sun, dehydration and a lack of will, I just gave up and went back to watching tv. So much for this rumor…

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid


Come on, you know it’s true! Whether you watched it regularly or not, you still thought there was an element of reality in what turned out to be the most over-hyped, fabricated sport on television. Don’t get me wrong, it was thoroughly entertaining (to the extent that my mom cut off my cable cause I was addicted to it) but they made it look so real. You can’t blame us for thinking otherwise.

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

6. Santa Claus ran a marathon on Christmas Night

It’s not a religion thing, it’s the gift wanting urge. Every Christmas (until we’re so disappointed or told bitterly otherwise), televisions would lead us to believe that a fat man in a red and white suit would magically travel around the night sky in a sled being pulled by seven reindeer, drop down everyone’s chimney and leave them a present while we were asleep. We’ve fallen prey to this, at least once I believe. And it may not be true, but it sure was worth the hype if you really got it.

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

5. Babies were delivered by cranes to their lucky parents

How did we think babies were born before we heard the ugly truth? Apparently, God delivered babies through cranes (you know, those big birds with long beaks). Yeah, that’s how we thought they did it, and our teachers were encouraged to keep up that farce for as long as possible. So if we wanted a brother or sister, we had to pray to the crane lord… yeah this one didn’t last long, trust me.

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

4. We could manifest energy from our body.

I have a sheepish grin on because I still, for some reason, kind of believe in this. But it wasn’t just me though; it was all the kids back when we were young. Watching television really made everything wonderful and believable. Dragon Ball Z made me think that we could manifest energy beams from the palm of our hands and our hair would turn golden if we screamed hard enough and clenched our fists. Don’t try this if you have diarrhea…just a cautionary tale. But if you’ve watched any superhero show back in the day, you’ll know that you’ve either tried pulling a laser beam out of your eye, flying or turning the occasional green, coated with a twenty foot hi=eight increase and topped off with extreme rage (i.e., the Hulk, if the riddle was too unbecoming of him).

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

3. The opposite sex is ‘Icky’

I can’t think of one kid who hasn’t had this thought, and if you say you didn’t, you’re a big fat liar. If you were ever is a co-ed school, one of the first things you’ll notice is that the boys and girls don’t mingle with each other as much as they do among themselves. It’s because we had this misconception that they were icky. Talking to them or even playing with them was taboo and could lead to name calling, bullying and stolen lunch money. But come puberty and SMACK, your childhood’s ruined forever.

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

2. Chocolate milk came from brown cows

Yes, we weren’t at the peak of our intelligence back then but it’s okay. Like I said, those were the golden years. White milk came from white cows (as shown on television, obviously) so why couldn’t chocolate milk come from brown cows? Come to think of it, I never questioned whether white milk was vanilla milk. Oh my God, I’ve wasted eleven years of my life!

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

1. The moon was hiding from the sun:

This one always cracks me up when I think about it. A lot of my friends and I, growing up, thought the moon only came out at night because it was hiding from the sun. I mean, it’s not like we lived in a huge solar system then when the sun was the center and the earth and other planets appeared to be revolving around it, right? What a bunch of rubbish that would be…thank god it’s not true.

Common Misconceptions You Had As A Kid

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