7 Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram For Their Ravishing Photos

11:00 pm 19 Sep, 2014

Just in case Twitter, Facebook and paparazzi magazines aren’t enough to quench your dose of Bollywood gossip, you now have the option of stalking them on Instagram too! This online photo and video sharing networking site is persistently buzzing with updates from Bollywood celebsthat are equally keen to share their lives with us. Then be it the locations they are shooting, people they are filming with, friends they are hanging out with or simply their workouts, well you have it all on Instagram!

In case you’re in a mood for watching some eye candy, then here is a list of 7 Bollywood celebs you should follow on Instagram:

7. Abhishek Bachchan @bachchan

Well, Jr. Bachchan’s Instagram feeds are not solely about him. Confused? He comes from an illustrious family and rest assured he doesn’t shy flaunting it. Abhishek’s feeds are more about daddy Bachchan, mother Jaya Bachchan and wife Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. All these pictures would definitely make you spend some extra time scrolling through his profile. Plus, there are chances for you to get a sneak-peak into the private world of Aaradhya and Ash.

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

6. Sonakshi Sinha @aslisona

Alright, here we have a recent Instagram joiner. But it must be admitted that Sonakshi’s Instagram updates have definitely taken everyone by surprise. Who would have ever wondered that our simple and sober B-Town star actually loves having so much fun? Where on one hand her workout session shots would inspire you to pull up your socks and hit out to the gym, her hilarious pictures on the other hand will keep you rolling and longing out for more. And of course, you just can’t ignore her profile name. She’s certainly in for pure gold (pun intended!).

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

5. Nargis Fakhri @nargilove

Ok, now if you think her appearance on ‘Koffee with Karan’ was more than hilarious then wait till you catch her updates on Instagram. From her Zumba workouts, to her vegan diet plan, from her make-up videos to shoots of the gifts sent by friends and family, and a lot more than all you can imagine. Nargis Fakhri sure knows how to keep up with eclectic posts on Instagram.

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

4. John Abraham @thejohnabraham

So girls, wanna know what this Bollywood hunk is up to these days? That’s simple! Start following him on Instagram. Now, here we’re talking about a reserved guy with a reserved Instagram account. John only updates selective pictures and videos, only the ones he feels his fans might be interested in. But he needs to understand that he’s the hottest hunk on the radar and we (especially the girls) love anything and everything about him. So upload more of your stuff!

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

3. Sonam Kapoor @sonamkapoor

The fashion queen and teen icon, the Instagram feed of Sonam Kapoor is all about her wardrobe and fashion appearances. And here again, you simply can’t miss out on her minutest details about the brands she’s been wearing and the make-up she’s been putting on. But her profile is not just limited to fashion. Yes it’s true! You’ll come across pictures of almost all places Sonam goes to – from her film sets, to the weddings, to her holiday destinations and what not. Sonam is also quite regular with updating inspirational quotations as well. Now that’s pretty much like it!

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

2. Jacqueline Fernandez @jacquelinejf2

She’s one of the most fun actresses to be followed on Instagram. A feed full of crazy things, Jacqueline is a self-confessed Instagram fan. She loves sharing any and every eccentric part of her day on this social networking platform. You don’t believe that. Alright, one of her most popular Instagram feed was a video where she and her friend, were busy blowing cotton balls from their nose. Then there was another popular video, where Jacqueline along with her mother was enjoying doing hula hoop! Do you think you still need one more reason to follow her?

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

1. Priyanka Chopra @priyankachopra

From scenic pictures to crazy selfies, this veteran Bollywood actress and pop diva has posted it all. The Instagram profile of PeeCee is a complete reflection of her moody personality. Her posts range from melancholic to bright – all in a spam of a single day. And when there’s nothing more to capture, her pout-obsessed shots are always ready to grab all attention. Now, here we have a perfect example of how to represent your true self using pictures!

Bollywood Celebs You Should Follow On Instagram

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