These Are The Myths About Virginity That People Need To Stop Believing

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5:44 pm 30 Nov, 2015


It’s high time that people understood the difference between a myth and reality. ‘Virginity’ has been an all time big ‘hush hush’ topic for many. People generally run away from sex education in India and children start believing what they hear from odd sources.


Let’s start with the biggest myth…

Virginity is something ‘quantifiable’


No, it is not. The word virginity does not even have any biological or medical definition except for the one which dictionaries give:

“the state of never having had sexual intercourse.”

But this definition is problematic; it does not mean anything! Why?

Because ‘sexual intercourse‘ means penetrative sex and what about those who have all kinds of sex but not the penetrative one? Everyone has their own idea of what sex is and hence the only definition we have for virginity does not work.

To control female sexuality, people proposed a concept called virginity. Hence, it is not physical rather it’s just an idea which can change anytime.



And then…

The hymen!

Even talking about the hymen will change everything written above. Females think that the breaking of the hymen will take away their virginity, when it does not break fully even after having penetrative sex!

It’s sexism to relate virginity only with the hymen. If popping of the hymen makes females lose their virginity, then men will remain virgins forever and ever!



Don’t say you think that:

Losing virginity will alter your genitals!

How is it even possible that having sex will make men more desirable and females undesirable? This is another sexist idea that tells men to aggressively pursue sex and women to actively refute it.

Girls, losing your virginity will not make you loose! Neither it will elongate your genitals, men.

Though the vagina on experiencing the intercourse for a long time will become more easier to penetrate but it will gain it’s tightness if it does not experience penetrative intercourse for a long time!

Hence, the change is not permanent at all.



Last but not the least…

Losing virginity will make you impure!

People often say that losing virginity will change you as a person. This is a myth constructed by society: losing virginity before marriage will make one ‘impure’.


Your virginity is yours and it is totally your choice whether you want to lose it or not. One just has to come out of that cocoon constructed by society! Virginity does not define you in any way. It is just an idea which can vary from one to another.