The Surprising Mystery and Truth Of Kailash Mountain

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9:00 am 1 Sep, 2017


Situated in Tibet, Kailash mountain is 6,638 meters high. While the highest peak of the world, Mount Everest is 8,848 meters high, Kailash mountain is approximately 2,200 meters shorter than Everest. But still, no one has yet been able to climb Kailash whereas thousands of mountaineers have been able to reach the top of Everest.

Mount Kailash is 6,638 m tall Isha.Sadhguru


According to holy men, no one has been able to scale Mount Kailash so far because of supernatural powers. For scientists, on the other hand, this mountain is a mysterious place. A huge mass of black rock, Mount Kailash is a sacred site for billions of people associated with four religions and owns the distinction of being the most acclaimed holy place in the world.

According to Hindu mythology, Shiva, the god of serpents and ghosts lives on mount Kailash with Parvati, Ganesha, and Kartikeya. His glory is different from all the other gods and goddesses as he did not feel afraid of drinking poison for the welfare of the world. Mount Kailash is the pilgrimage of devotees of Shiva.

A number of saints go to mount Kailash with a desire of attaining salvation. According to popular belief, these people experience an extraordinary power as soon as they stand in front of the mountain. The devotees of Lord Shiva who remember him with honesty are able to see a glimpse of him. Such devotees see the form of Neelkanth.

According to Hindu mythology, Lord Shiva lives on mount Kailash with his family GDVashist



According to scientists and spiritual preachers, Kailash mountain is the center of the planet and is also known as the navel of the earth. The mountain has a four-faced structure like a compass. This area is divided into four separate segments by rivers Satluj, Ghaghra, Sindhu, and Brahmaputra.

Another mystery surrounding the dwelling of Lord Shiva are the two lakes known as Brahma Taal and Rakshas Taal. It is believed that the Brahma Taal was created by Lord Brahma and has sweet water whereas the Rakshas Taal was created by Ravana and has saline water in it.

Even research has proved that Kailash was created by divine powers. According to a Russian report, Kailash is a pyramid created by a human’s supernatural powers.

Some mountaineers have experienced sudden change in weather when trying to scale Kailash SpeakingTree


It is impossible to scale mount Kailash as admitted by a number of mountaineers. It also happens because mountaineers experience an utter confusion in directions as they start climbing Kailash. In fact, some mountaineers have asserted that the direction of the mountain changes on its own because of supernatural powers associated with it. Some, on the other hand, have experienced a sudden change in weather with storms and strong winds as soon as they attempt scaling the divine mountain. Hence, entering the abode of Shiva is not an easy task.