Things You Can’t Miss About Mysore Dussehra!

Updated on 20 Oct, 2018 at 10:43 am


Dussehra is here guys! The festival with lots of childhood memories. In North India, Dussehra is quite typical, where effigies of Meghdoot, Ravana, and Kumbhakarna are burnt. But one can get the majestic and royal feel in southern part of India – Mysore. The city seems to be more than just alive during this annual 10-day event of Dussehra, so much so that one should not miss the opportunity to attend it.

The Dussehra celebrations in Mysore, also popularly known as Nada Habba ( festival of the land or state), are performed with immense enthusiasm. Visiting Mysore during Dussehra will let you encounter the royalty as well. To start with, you should know that Mysore got its name after the evil demon king Mahishasura, who was slaughtered by Goddess Chamundeshwari, also a form of Durga.




In Mysore Dussehra, the Jamboo Savari is the most sought-after procession of the year in Karnataka. It begins from the Mysore Palace. During this procession the Goddess Chamundeshwari’s idol is taken on a well-decorated elephant.



During the time of Dussehra, the Mysore Palace is beautifully decked up with lights and colours.



You can enjoy the extravagant folk bands, famous dance troupes.




Specialists are hired to train and prepare elephants for those grand processions on the day of the festival.






To gather unique experiences, It is highly advisable to visit Mysore during Dussehra. Mysore is well-connected by air and train to all major and important cities of India. Have the unique experience. Happy Dussehra!

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