This Gujarati Muslim Family Wrote The Entire Bhagwad Gita In Gold Ink

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7:07 pm 18 Aug, 2015

A Muslim family in Gujarat has written a copy of Bhagwad Gita in “gold” ink on 168 pages of handmade red paper. It will be a special gift for RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat, reports Indian Express.

 A 75-year-old Muslim artist, Mohammed Yunus Shaikh, from Surendranagar (Gujarat) along with his family members, took two months to write 745 shlokas of Gita in Sanskrit using ink, prepared by melting gold bars.

Shaikh who has studied up to Class X was trained in calligraphy by his father. He said:

“We got the contract of writing Bhagwad Gita from Maharaj Sureshvarji (a Jain monk) two months ago, and our entire family started working on it. We made the ink by melting gold bars and used sticks to write.”


Each page of the holy text has 18 lines in gold, nine on each side, and every page is wrapped in blotting paper. The handmade paper was first filed with agate stones to smoothen it and after writing, each page was dried in the sun. Shaikh, who received Rs.2 lakh for the Gita project, said:

“We all worked for five hours each day to complete the holy book. I have also taught this art to both my sons and daughters-in-law and they too helped me in carrying out this work.”

Besides Gita, Shaikh has written 4 sets of Jain religious text Agam sutras using gold ink, and each set consists of 3,000 pages.


Because fundamentalists always manage to find fault in everything, Shaikh clarifies:

“We have not converted. We celebrate Ramzan Eid and Bakri Eid. The Jains and the Patels also visit us, and we have shirkurma together. My grandsons play with their children, and we have never had any conflict. The women in our family do not wear burqa, and we wear the skull cap only when going for namaaz on Fridays.”


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