Aarifa Bhinderwala, A Muslim Pole Dancer Is Certainly Setting New Goals For Women Empowerment

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12:30 pm 25 Aug, 2017


Being someone that society approves of is a burden, and being someone that your heart, your soul wants but the society disapproves is courage. While the world talks about women empowerment, it fails to bestow it to women in its true sense, which is letting them do what they want to. But there are some exceptions who defy all the inhibitions and taboos to pursue what they desire.

One of them is Aarifa Bhinderwala, a Bohri Muslim woman from Mumbai who thwarted all the restrictions slammed on girls by the society and went on to become an amazing pole dancer. Yes! A Muslim girl and a pole dancer! It is easy to understand that her journey wouldn’t have been an easy one but there were some things that supported her all through.

Aarifa Bhinderwala, a pole dancer MensXP


Aarifa Bhinderwala shared her story of becoming a pole dancer and a pole dance teacher in a video on YouTube which is gaining immense popularity these days. One thing that comes shining through her video is her passion for freedom and pole dance.

As Aarifa reveals, she comes from a traditional Muslim family and her sister still wears a hijab. The passionate pole dancer feels that not every person who is fully covered is an introvert and not everyone who is wearing lesser clothes is broad minded. Her journey of becoming a pole dancer began when she visited her sister who had given birth.

Aarifa shares her inspiring story in a YouTube video MensXP/ CultureMachine



Aarifa was very bored and was looking for things to do. That’s when she came across pole dancing classes and thought that it would be a very frivolous thing. At that time, she was battling severe depression and simply went to the classes to see what it was, without having an idea that she was soon going to discover her passion. As she started attending classes, it felt like a different world altogether. She felt that the dance was very empowering as she was able to see what she could actually do with her body.

Aarifa Bhinderwala feels that pole dancing teaching patience and perseverance PagalParrot


After all that she has achieved, she feels that the only best friend through her entire journey has been her body that supported her despite going through a bad phase. Pole dance taught her to be more patient and persevering. The dancer said that since her mother and sister are teachers, teaching runs in her blood. About teaching pole dancing at her studio in Mumbai, she says that she finds it very therapeutic. Her studio is a place free from all sorts of judgment.

We’re not sure if she is the first Muslim pole dancer of India but with her bold move of becoming a pole dancer and sharing her inspiring story, Aarifa Bhinderwala is surely setting new examples of women empowerment. She is firing up women to be what they want to be and not be obstructed by the judgment of society!

Watch the video of Aarifa sharing her unconventional story below:


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