Man Cancelled Ola Cab Because The Driver Was Muslim, And Ola’s Reply Deserves Applause

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12:42 pm 23 Apr, 2018


A man cancelled an Ola cab because the driver was a Muslim. He later posted a screenshot of the same on his social media handle that has triggered a huge debate on Twitter. The man, Abhishek Mishra, has a verified Twitter account. He has around 16K followers that includes the name of many ministers as well.


On April 20, Abhishek justified himself by saying that he does not want to give money to ‘Jihadis’ and enclosed a screenshot as well. Here’s what he posted:


Abhishek’s post triggered a debate on social media. While people having like-minded ideologies praised Abhishek, there were many who slammed him for spreading communal hatred.

People asked Ola to ban Abhishek and also there were many who urge UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to take action against him.


Abhishek further posted a series of tweets justifying his action and said that he is raising his voice in support of Hindu drivers.

However, neither Ola banned him nor slammed him. Rather the company gave a respectful reply to Abhishek urging him to believe in secularism and stop discrimination. Ola gave the most sensible reply ever and got praised by many.


Do you think spreading such communal hatred or having a discriminating mind is progressive for our nation? Do you support Abhishek Mishra’s views? Do share your views in the comments section below.

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