Mother Of An 8-Year Old Enters Mosque And Beats The Maulvi Who Molested Her Daughter

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12:42 pm 17 Apr, 2018


In recent weeks, on one side, we saw the crimes against women taking a heinous turn. On the other, we saw people coming out on streets and demanding justice just like they did for Nirbhaya in 2012. This shows that the courage of a common man is still alive and fighting.  And now, we just cannot tolerate our innocent daughters bleeding to death at the hands of beasts.



Also, it’s time we take command in our hands and we give it back to the penetrators. And that’s what a brave mother did when she came to know that her daughter has been molested by a maulvi.  The mother walked into a mosque where that Maulvi was, and then, starting beating him using a stick.

Watch the mother beating the Maulvi to teach him a lesson:


This shows what we can do if we are fearless enough to stand up what is right. And when you stand up, others stand up with you, too, for your cause.

Since the video has gone viral, many people doubted whether this Maulvi actually molested the girl as there no strong proof. They also thought that the 8-year old girl might have framed this story.


Rightly said!