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A Muslim Mob Went On Rampage In Jaipur Over A Traffic Dispute But Leftist Media Won’t Tell You That

Published on 10 September, 2017 at 5:04 pm By

Mob has religion unless it is Hindu and victims have no religion if they are Hindus. It is true, at least in the eyes of the mainstream media of India. Every single mainstream media – the industry dominated by the Leftists – screams the religious identity of a mob if it is composed of Hindus. Which is why you read about ‘Hindu mobs go on rampage’, ‘Hindus target Muslim man’, ‘Mob of Hindus Destroy Shops’, etc, etc.

A quick search on Google at the time of writing this article revealed that nearly every major media house in the West, too, believe that ONLY the Hindus can go on a rampage and ONLY the Muslims can be victims.


This is what appears when we type ‘Hindu Mob’ in the search box.



And when we type ‘Muslim Mob’, this is the result.




Note that there are only four mainstream publications, and of them two chose to go for a “fact check” to confirm whether or not a Muslim killed a Hindu. Such “fact checks” are conspicuous by their absence when a Hindu is said to be the perpetrator.

Now, did you know that Jaipur’s old city area was burning in flames on the intervening night of September 8 and 9?

In case you have read about it, you must have learned by now that there were clashes between the police and a mob over ‘something’. But the end result of the clashes tells a story of carnage: a power station torched, at least 5 vehicles set on fire (including one ambulance), 21 other vehicles destroyed, a journalist assaulted (his camera was snatched), around 10 people were injured, and, according to reports, one policeman lost his life and so did a local.

You’d be surprised to know what led to the violence. Reports say that the police was busy removing encroachments and doing a regular check of vehicles in the Ramganj area of the old city. A cop, who was merely doing his duty, stopped a couple on a bike. The couple was Muslim. There were some heated exchanges between the man and the cop. During the heated arguments it is alleged that the accidently hit the woman. And that was what triggered the showdown.


Within minutes a mob started stone pelting at the police, which soon descended into total chaos. The mob went on rampage destroying everything that came in their path. All of this forced the police to resort to firing.


Curfew was imposed in four localities including Ramganj. The Internet was suspended to prevent the spread of rumors. To the credit of the administration and the police, the entire violence was brought under control within the night. Such was the effectiveness of the administration in clamping down on the violent mob that people residing outside of the four localities were not even aware of the destruction till the morning of September 9.

Jaipur is very close to New Delhi – the seat of the Lutyens’ media. Yet the mainstream media hardly gave space to the story in spite of the fact that it was published on the front page of the Jaipur edition of Dainik Bhaskar.



A violence of this level is usually talked about by ‘eminent’ journalists and the media houses in the loudest of voices but there was hardly a whimper. Was it because a Muslim mob was responsible for the violence?

The deceased local has been identified as Mohammad Adil alias Raees. His family is now demanding compensation and job. They claim that he was innocent and the police shouldn’t have fired. One media house understood the moral responsibility of talking to the family of the Muslim boy who died in the police firing. Any death is sad, but probably for a section of the media the death of an innocent Muslim is a death and that of an innocent Hindu is not. Which is why we do not come across the stories of Hindu families who have lost their dear ones in communal violence. At the time of writing there is no story about the injured, four of whom are cops in critical condition.

Now we come to a very important question. What made a mob, largely composed of Muslims, to burn down everything over an argument between a couple and a cop over some traffic-related issue?

Disputes with traffic cops are a regular thing on Indian roads where traffic violations are frequent, but does that lead to such a level of violence? If every traffic dispute translates into this kind of violence, the whole country would be up in flames.

According to Dainik Bhaskar [September 10, Jaipur edition, page 4] the woman is herself clueless about the mob. She claims that she and her husband did not invite the mob, and that she was at the police station to register a complaint over the traffic dispute. “The police was delaying the registration of the complaint when the violence broke out,” she said.



The couple may have nothing to do with what happened in Jaipur, yet the fact remains that a Muslim mob resorted to extreme level of violence just because one woman was accidentally hit allegedly by a cop. And how do we know that the religion of the mob? Simple, all the Muslim religious leaders of the city have now issued appeals for peace in the area. Why would so many Muslim religious leaders issue calls for peace if the mob was not Muslim? Anyway, arrests are important in the Jaipur violence case to set an example and dissuade anyone from taking on the law on such flimsy pretexts.

We also have to look a bit deeper into what emboldens a mob, whether Hindu or Muslim, to violence. The answer lies in a simple fact: If a religious demography is constantly pampered and allowed to go scot free, it will start considering itself as above the law. This applies to both a Hindu and a Muslim mob. And this pampering comes from politicians and, now, the mainstream media.

Remember Noida’s Mahagun society incident? A huge mob attacked a residential society to “rescue” a Muslim maid. They destroyed property, issued violent threats to the residents and took the entire society hostage. They could have easily gone to the police but they chose to attack.

In that case, not one major mainstream publication or the star journalists who blow the trumpet of secularism mentioned the religion of the mob because nearly all of them were Muslims. On the contrary, every attempt was made to defame the residents of the society and change the entire narrative to a rich-poor divide – a favorite of the Leftists. There were concerted attempts by the Left-leaning media and their champions in defending the violent mob by claiming that they are not Bangladeshis. (The suspicion that the mob was Bangladeshi arose because the mob was composed of Bengali-speaking Muslims from districts in northern West Bengal and Assam adjoining Bangladesh. The districts are populated by a high number of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.) Hardly anyone cared about the horror of the residents when the mob charged in or the fact that a mob tried to destroy an entire residential society.

The media’s excuse in not naming perpetrators if they are from the minority community is that it might create tensions in society. So is this why the media often does not disclose the name of a molester if the molester is a Muslim? How can any right thinking human being, whether Muslim or Hindu, find the naming of a molester an affront to religion? But then the names are quickly revealed if the perpetrator of such a crime is a Hindu! How about that? Proper journalism should follow the general rule that the name of a perpetrator should not be disclosed TILL he is found guilty or released by the police to the press, but our Left-dominated media does politics instead of journalism.

On the other hand are politicians like Mamata Banerjee, who are ever willing to issue diktats curbing the religious freedom of Hindus in her state to appease the approximately 30 percent Muslim population of West Bengal – her core vote-bank.

Take for example the recent firman against the Durga Puja idol immersion. A series of riots (Basirhat, Dhulagarh, others) against the Hindus have happened in the state in the last two years. Islamists attacked a school for celebrating Saraswati Puja. But there has been no mention of Muslim perpetrators or Hindu victims in the mainstream media. Forget about mention, at times the media completely ignored the incident till it became absolutely impossible because of the anger on social media.


File photo of Mamata Banerjee with the former Shahi Imam of Kolkata, Imam Barkati, who infamously issued a fatwa against the Indian Prime Minister.

Then there are people like former vice-president Hamid Ansari who, in spite of enjoying the office of the V-P for 10 long years, feels that “there is a sense of unease among Muslims in India”. He was criticized for his remark. Of course, statements such as these may create a divide in societies where there maybe none.


It is exactly this kind of journalism, Leftist activism, one-sided secularism and vote-bank politics which emboldens a community to do anything without the fear of the law – in India’s case, Muslims.


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