This Muslim Man Wants A Ban On Vegetables For Bakr-Eid

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:58 pm

After the controversial meat ban in Mumbai with regard to a Jain festival ‘Paryushana Parva’, a  Muslim stand-up comedian from Bangalore, Falah Faisal, has asked the government to ban vegetables on Bakr-Eid, September 25.


In the cheeky online petition, he wrote:

“With the meat ban being enforced on us due to various religious reason, I think it is only rightful for us minorities to have a say. As a Muslim, I’d like to call for a ban across the country on vegetables of all kinds of Bakr-Eid (September 25,2015).”


In support of his ban, he says that a ban on vegetables is needed because plants have feelings too.


He argued that the levels of pesticides present in vegetables have increased, which means they are harmful. He says:

“If you are someone who is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat anything but the offshoot of plants, I bet you can starve for a day. Fasting is good for you. We do it for a month every year.”

In this sarcasm-laced petition, Faisal offers an alternative if his demand for the vegetable ban is not met.

“My alternative demand is that everyone in the country, irrespective of their religious belief, partakes in the consumption of mutton (biryani) on that day (Bakr-Eid),” he said.

So far, the petition has received just over 724 supporters and need 276 backers to achieve its goal