Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamat Leader Says That APJ Abdul Kalam Was Not A Muslim Because He Performed Pooja

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:01 pm

An Islamic association in Tamil Nadu has said that former president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, was not a Muslim.

Tamil Nadu Tauheed Jamat leader, Jainulbiddin, has commented that Dr. Kalam’s name could be Abdul, but he was not a Muslim. He added that Dr. Kalam prayed to idols in his life, an act that Muslims do not believe in. Dr. Kalam also prayed to the religious leaders and hence was not a true Muslim.

Wooden statue at the memorial NDTV


This comment has come after PM Modi has inaugurated a memorial of Dr. Kalam at Rameshwaram where a wooden statue of Dr.Kalam has been erected. The statue shows Dr. Kalam playing veena and has a ‘Bhagavad Gita’ placed next to him.

DMK leader, Vaiko, has raised questions about Gita being placed next to Dr. Kalam as he was not a Hindu. Vaiko also asked the government to place a copy of Tamil classic, Thirukurazh, at the memorial. This question has sparked controversy and the family members of Dr. Kalam have also asked the government to place the holy books of all religions next to him at the memorial.

Placing Quran and Bible next to the statue NDTV


A family member of Dr. Kalam mentioned that Dr. Kalam was above all religions and loved everyone equally. He further commented,

Only on the day of the dedication, it was quietly placed before the Prime Minister arrived. It was a surprise.

The family members have already kept a Quran and a Holy Bible next to him at the memorial with a hope to end the discussions over the statue. Jainulbiddin has also objected to the placement of Quran next to Dr. Kalam at the memorial.