A Muslim Group In Hyderabad Has Decided To Spread Awareness Against Cow Slaughter

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7:33 pm 15 Sep, 2015

While the nation is busy discussing beef ban and other meat ban cases that have erupted in the past few days, a small Muslim group in Hyderabad is trying to protect cows from slaughter just a few days ahead of Id-ul-Adha or ‘Bakr Id’.

According to a TOI report, the Arab Gourakshana Samithi (AGS) has chosen to spread awareness against cow slaughter and promote communal harmony.

Abdallah Bin Ali Bahameid, president of AGS and a lawyer by profession, said:

“No nation can survive if there is a trust deficit between communities. The Hindus revere the cow and there is no harm if Muslims respect their sentiments.”

The group reminded that cow slaughter is prohibited by law.


But to lend further support to their cause, the group is citing a hadith which records the Prophet saying that consumption of beef is bad for health.

“When such a hadith exists, there is no room for further debate. We have Muslim scholars and other persons of repute on board who can corroborate this,” Bahameid said.

However, members of the powerful All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) rejected the AGS’ claims.

The board’s assistant general secretary Abdul Raheem Qureshi points out though such a hadith does exist, there is consensus among scholars of repute that its chain of narration is weak.

“There is no such hadith in the six authentic collections – Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Dawud, Tirmizi and Ibn Majah. The hadith quoted by them is outside the six. It is a very weak hadith.”

A section of the Muslim community has condemned the group for their decision and claim that they are backed by the RSS and BJP, allegations which the AGS refutes.

The group claims that youth and NRIs from the United Arab Emirates are among 200 people who have joined their cause.

The group maintains that they will not take the law into their hands while stopping people from transporting cows. Claiming that non-Muslims are the ones who sell cows to Muslims, they say that the sellers then inform the Hindu right-wingers of the purchase who then rough up the Muslim buyers.

In March this year, Home Minister Rajnath Singh had said that the Central Government will do everything possible to ban cow slaughter across India.

Addressing spiritual leaders, he said, “How can we accept the fact that cow slaughter is allowed in this country? We will use all our might to ban it. We will try to build a consensus.”


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