Muslim Filmmaker Adopts A Cow And Calf, Urges Gau Rakshaks To Adopt Stray Cattle To Protect Them

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Updated on 21 Jul, 2017 at 4:58 pm


Cow-vigilantism has become a trend these days. Violence in the name of cows has become a favorite game of provokers. PM Modi has urged people to stay calm and has warned cow vigilantes but there is hardly anyone who is listening. Unfortunately, these people are those who are more interested in communal fights than protecting cows.

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Meanwhile, Sarosh Khan, a Muslim filmmaker, has sent a message of peace by adopting a cow and a calf. This unique gesture by Sarosh is being well-appreciated by many.

The filmmaker performed house warming rituals for the animals in his house. Sarosh has urged people to make peace among the religions and respect the diversity of India. Sarosh says,


Islam does not preach hate against Hindus or any other religions. Everyone should respect each other and end violence in the name of cows.

Sarosh performing house warming rituals for the adopted cow and the calf. indiatimes


Sarosh, who has worked in several Hindi and Rajasthani movies including ‘Payback’, ‘Kota Junction’ and ‘Bhanwari’, performed all the rituals according to the Hindu custom and took the cow and the calf by putting vermilion on their heads. To convey the message that Muslims do not have any personal grudge with cows and love them too, Sarosh decided to adopt them.

It is a message for those who really want to protect the animal. Instead of creating violence, why not adopt them and give them a better life? We see hundreds of stray cows living in worse condition on the streets, then why not give them a home?

Stray Cows In India.


Sarosh has urged the fake “gau rakshaks” to stop creating violence in the name of cows and adopt them if they really consider them as their mothers.

If my initiative can end violence in the name of cows, I will be satisfied.

In India where every cow has a self-appointed rakshak, females still feel insecure going out alone. To make this country a better place, people should respect the diversity of the nation and should not find ways to create violence in the name of religion. Sarosh has made a really good point with his unique step. Don’t be a fake gau rakshak, if you really care for them, then give them a better life.



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