Top 5 Music Festivals in Goa That You Must Attend

Updated on 15 Oct, 2018 at 7:27 pm


Goa – the ultimate party capital of India, is a dream destination for many. Not only is Goa a haven for the beach lovers but also for the party peeps. The never-ending party vibes in Goa have a certain magnetic pull that makes it a destination that is populated with travellers all year round. Looking at the popularity, many airlines offer great deals on airfare from all parts of the country, the airfare deals on Mumbai to Goa flights are something to look out for. So, if you crave for good music and keep surfing the internet to find out the upcoming music festivals hosted by Goa, here is a list of 5 best music festivals in Goa that will end your search.

music festival in goa

Music Festival (Goa)

1. Sunburn

When talking about the music festivals that Goa hosts, not mentioning Sunburn is certainly a sin. On top of it, this music festival is no stranger to the music lovers. The excellent line up of artists and the young vibe attracts millions each year. This EDM festival takes place every year in December and offers more than just music. So, if you still haven’t witnessed the music madness that this festival brings, get your tickets to Goa sorted well in advance to have the time of your life. The 2018 date and duration of the festival is yet to be announced, till then, keep watching this space for more.

2. Sonic Music Fest

Offering the music lovers Reggae, Hip Hop and Rock music, Sonic Music Fest is another worth-visiting music festival in Goa. This fest takes the young spirit of Goa to a different level by playing host to some of the big names of the music industry including Rhapsody Queen (UK), ONEmpire (Mumbai) and Elvis Lobo (Goa).

3. Oktoberfest


Germany’s favourite Oktoberfest takes place in Goa as well. This annual two-day festival is high on festive spirit and features some of the best bands of the country. The young vibe, non-stop music, great food and the selection of beer from across the world makes it a must visit. Not only this, this festival has some amazing food stalls and a lot more. So, if you are planning to spend a great time in Goa with your friends, plan your trip around the Oktoberfest for maximum fun.

4. Goa Carnival

Though it’s not a typical music festival, Goa Carnival should always be on the list of a music lover. The festive vibe, decorated streets, and decked up locals make Goa an altogether a different place. This festival takes place every year in February and commemorates the beginning of Lent. The parades are the highlight of this amazing festival. So, be sure of getting your tickets booked early for a trip that’s within your budget.

5. Sao Joao – The Dancing Monsoon Fiesta

Picture the famous song from the movie Tamasha where Ranbeer Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are having a great time dancing with the gorgeously dressed locals in the song Matargashti. Sao Joao – The Dancing Monsoon Fiesta in Goa is something similar. Loaded with excellent music, folk dancers, food and fenny, this festival is a complete package of merriment and joy. The festival takes place on 24th of June, so, check the amazing airfare deals on Mumbai to Goa flights and get going with the booking as soon as possible.


Goa is an excellent amalgamation of the old and new generation, and the variety of music festivals showcase that perfectly. Owing to its popularity, the airfares are usually on the higher side.



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