Murthal Rape Case: Eyewitness Claims He Is Being Threatened For Cooperating With The Police

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2:22 pm 15 Apr, 2016

Even as probe into Murthal’s alleged rape case is under way, an eyewitness has come forward and claimed that he has received threat calls for contacting and cooperating with the police.



The eye witness, Bobby Joshi, said that during the Jat agitation in Haryana, he saw the women being forced towards the farms in Murthal but they had somehow managed to escape and he had later guided them to a nearby dhaba so they are safe.


Eyewitness Bobby Joshi India TV

Eyewitness Bobby Joshi India TV

While talking to a news channel, Joshi disclosed that two days back he had contacted the police and informed them that he had seen some boys burning vehicles and harass two women from Ludhiana during the Jat agitation. But soon after giving his statement, he received anonymous threat calls for contacting the police.


Screen Grab from CCTV Footage of Murthal YouTube

Screen Grab from CCTV Footage of Murthal YouTube

Though shocked, Joshi said that he is unfazed by the threats, and is not afraid of such backlash.

Here is what he said:


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