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After Attempting A Heinous Crime Of Killing 16 Puppies, Two Nursing Students Easily Got Bail

Published on 17 January, 2019 at 11:56 am By

There are certain crimes which we can’t even think of. The intensity and the thought behind them cannot be measured on any level. Such an awful incident happened in Kolkata. According to a media report, two nursing students were arrested for the murder of 16 puppies. Can you believe this? The dogs which are not even able to voice out their pain in words were brutally beaten to death. Two students were arrested on January 15  after they apparently confessed that they killed 16 puppies at their hostel premise in Kolkata. Reportedly, the students got bail on January 16.


Police identified some students and security guards on the basis of CCTV footage and interrogated them for hours. Out of the students questioned, two nursing students admitted to their involvement in the crime and they were arrested.




On January 13, people at the front of the Nil Ratan Sircar (NRS) Medical College and Hospital in Sealdah found 16 mutilated puppies in plastic bags. Preliminary reports had said the puppies were beaten to death. The hospital authorities took action and police interrogation found two students (Moutusi Mondal and Soma Burman) who confessed to their crime.




Different NGOs protested and demanded punishment to the culprits. The incident has sparked widespread outrage. This is how people reacted on social media.










The police are shocked to see that how the students planned the murder with so much of details and what could possibly be the reason behind the heinous crime. What do you think?



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