Mumbai’s ‘Police Didi’ To Protect School Children Of The City From Sexual Abuse

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12:49 pm 15 Sep, 2017


The entire country is taken aback by the murder of 7-year old Pradyumna at Ryan International School in Gurugram. The shocking and depressing incident has raised a big question on the safety of children in schools, a place that was once considered to be the safest for kids. It has left parents and the entire society wondering what steps should be taken to ensure the safety of children at all the places and all the times.

While we should learn to be humanitarian with all the people of society including children, and make sure that all of us are safe, there is also a need to empower the kids with wisdom and ability to differentiate between good and evil. This will enable them to identify any potential dangers around them and inform their family so that the necessary precautions and safety measures can be ensured well in time.

Mumbai Police restarts ‘Police Didi’ initiative Dailysunstar


One such laudable step has been taken by Mumbai police. The police force of Mumbai has rolled up their sleeves to educate and protect the children of the city against the menace of sexual abuse. Mumbai Police has relaunched its ‘Police Didi’ program wherein female police officers will be entrusted with the responsibility of educating minors about how to stay alert and protect themselves from sexual abuse and harassment.

The program was launched last year after a 3-year old girl studying in an international school in the city was allegedly raped by the class teacher and school trustee.

Now, the police team will visit a school once a week for one hour to educate students of classes 1 to 4 about good touch and bad touch. The city’s police are also working to set new guidelines for schools functional in the city.



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