Mumbai’s First ‘Test-Tube’ Baby Becomes A Mother

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7:32 pm 7 Mar, 2016


Harsha Chawda, famous for being Mumbai’s first test tube baby, has given birth to a healthy baby boy, conceived naturally. The baby weighs 3.18 kilos.

Chavda (30) — a Kathiawadi Gujarati — is married to Divyapal Shah, a financial advisor from Matunga, in a traditional Jain ceremony. Chavda accepted Jainism as her religion and cemented the path to their wedding.



Chawda, was considered to be a medical marvel. Her birth paved the way for the use of IVF in India.



Today a proud mother, Harsha hopes she can provide all the happiness and love that her parents gave her.

IVF stands for in vitro fertilisation. In IVF the egg is fertilized outside the body by a sperm to develop an embryo which is then planted in the uterus of the mother. This could then turn into a pregnancy.