Mumbaikar Records Uber Driver’s Wanderlust With Sarcastic Comments, And It Will Leave You In Splits

4:39 pm 23 Jul, 2018


Suppose it’s raining, and you are out shopping, there is no auto or bus, then how will you go back? It’s pretty obvious that many of us will book a cab, and that’s exactly where cab booking services such as Uber come into play. All you need is the app, and voila! The cab booking services in India are quite popular. Since their introduction, they’ve made traveling quite hassle-free and convenient. Uber is one of the most prevalent and commonly used cab services in India. As a passenger all we expect is commitment and comfort, but what happens when your Uber driver likes to take a nice long drive, all by himself?

This is exactly what happened with a Mumbaikar. Preshit Deorukhkar booked a cab via the Uber app. It didn’t take him long to realize that the ride had already been started by the Uber driver, who didn’t even pick him up. Like any other well-aware consumer, Preshit took to his twitter to raise awareness and to highlight the issue with Uber Support. He also stated that the driver’s phone was not reachable.


Well, if you think this is it, then you’re wrong! Preshit decided to track the driver’s wanderlust online and he was shocked as hell! The driver kept taking his nice long drive.

Aimlessly roaming!



The furious Mumbaikar also mentioned that the driver’s name was registered as ‘P’ on the Uber app. What’s ‘P’?



Preshit repeatedly kept on posting screenshots on his twitter handle and came up with some hilarious captions which caught the attention of our netizens. Now it seems that his tweets have gone viral!

Take a look at what he had to say regarding the Uber driver:


From Malad West to North of Mumbai!



Is driver meditating?


This seems frightening!



Back in the city?




This one’s hilarious!



Mangroves now?



Now there are cops too!



Finally, the trip canceled!


What adds the cherry on top of the cake is that apparently after satisfying his wanderlust, the driver left a bill of Rs 857.43 which is quite difficult to stomach!



After taking the complaint into consideration Uber promised to refund Preshit’s Money. See Uber’s response regarding the case:



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