Mumbai Woman Sets An Example For All, Nabs The Man Who Duped Her

4:27 pm 10 Jan, 2019


In recent years, we have seen a drastic rise in the use of technologies like ATMs and online banking. While this tech brings a lot of convenience to our lives, there is also a risk factor. And it is our responsibility to be vigilant and cautious of our surrounding to protect ourselves. Getting duped out of one’s hard earned money is the worst nightmare for many have. Unfortunately, this nightmare came true for a 35-yr-old Mumbai woman.

Yes, Rehana Shaikh, a Mumbai resident got duped by a 36-year-old man at an ATM outside Bandra railway station. But, where most others would rely solely on police, this Mumbai woman did something that will amaze you all. Find out what she did.




First things first, let me tell you how the man stole from Rehana.  Well, as per reports, the Mumbai woman went to an ATM on the way to her office to get cash. But she could not do so due to some apparent technical glitch. Looking at her struggle, a man under the guise of offering help got his hands on all her card info. Soon after leaving the ATM without the cash, Rehana got a text message informing her of Rs.10000 withdrawal from her account.  By the time she made it back to the ATM, it was too late.



So what do you think Rehana did to get her money back? Well, she made rounds to the ATM daily for 17 days. She did not give up until she finally saw the man wandering around the ATM. And without wasting any time, she got the police to put him behind bars. Now that is definitely brave.



As per reports, the offender aka Bhupendra Mishra is a habitual offender. According to the police, there are several complaints against Mishra in addition to this complaint. They are all under investigation now.


Well, the efforts by the Mumbai woman are definitely commendable. And who knows how many people she has saved with her courageous act and tact.

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