Mumbai’s ‘Vigilante Dog Squad’ Are The Cutest Bodyguards Any Woman Could Get

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2:46 pm 19 Mar, 2016


Yes, the world is beautiful! Why? Because we have dogs. I wouldn’t say that I don’t love other animal but dogs are almost angelic. And here is the proof:



Above is the image of the photographer Natasha Hemrajani whose beautiful post made these adorable fur buddies famous.

She posted about Mumbai’s ‘Vigilante Dog Squadron’ who guard every woman walking alone on the beach.

In her post on 17th March around 11 PM, she told us:




India is a country where people are afraid of sending their girls out late at night. But we have dogs in Mumbai’s Marine Drive, who come running towards women with wagging tails and bark at men who are unaccompanied by women.

Everyday we read numerous rape stories. But when I got to read this, it made my day. In the picture shared by Natasha Hemrajani, one could see that these dogs formed a protective chain around her.



Well, the next time you say, “All men are dogs”, do think twice because dogs are better. Men rape but dogs save!



Source: Natasha Hemrajani