Teen Hero From Mumbai Saves A Girl From Drowning

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4:33 pm 27 Apr, 2015


Keeping with the spirit of humanity and courage, a 12-year-old boy saved a girl from drowning in Mumbai.

The boy, Mohit Dalvi, jumped into the water and rescued 9-year-old Krishna Paste, whose legs got stuck deep inside the mud in the water, and who had started to drown.

As reported by Mumbai Mirror, Mohit believes what he did was his duty. He said:

“Krishna and one more child were drowning. A couple of people jumped in to save them. The other child was immediately located but it took some time to find Krishna. I know swimming since I was in Class V. I tried hard till 25 feet down and I succeeded. I don’t think I have done anything extraordinary. It was my duty.”

For his spirit and courage, the Malabar Hill police (Mumbai)  felicitated Mohit’s brave act on Sunday. An officer, as reported by DNA, said:


“We got to know about the incident around midnight. It is indeed an act of bravery on Dalvi’s part. His timely effort saved the life of a little girl.”

Meanwhile, Krishna has been reported to be out of danger and will be treated fee of cost at St Elizabeth Hospital where she had been admitted.


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