Mumbai Rains Brings Out The Best Creativity Among Netizens Through These Hilarious Memes

1:50 pm 12 Jul, 2018


Heavy rainfall might have caused havoc in the city of Mumbai but that’s what the spirit of Mumbai all about. From the commendable job of the Mumbai police in helping out the citizens in need to the failing infrastructure, Mumbai rains have always been a talking point during monsoon. We have been hearing innumerable stories about the struggles people are facing due to the lashing of heavy rains on regular basis. However, the city remains unbeaten by the wrath rains as always.

Interestingly, netizens have turned to their social media accounts to post hilarious memes and GIFs that perfectly defines the soul of Mumbai in rains. From bosses who don’t give leaves in the heavy rains to the disrupted mode of transportation, these priceless memes will definitely tickle your funny bones.



Have a look at some of the best tweets on Mumbai rains:




Whiskey is the best though!



Tear dhayan kidhar hai?



We don’t need anything else!



I want a ticket!



I’m fine!



Biggest dilemma!



I want to stay at home!



Hey Boss!!



Where to Miss?!




We need a CM like him!






Majjani life!



What a view!



Main phr bhi tumko chahungi!



Thank you!




Don’t forget your speedo!



Meeting at 11!



Malishka described Mumbai rains perfectly!



Even Superman hates Mumbai rains!




Even after facing so much trouble in rains, the life of Mumbaikars goes on like nothing happened!


Mumbai rain memes