Mumbai Records Highest Rainfall Since 2005

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Updated on 3 Sep, 2017 at 6:01 pm


The torrential rainfall in Mumbai has flooded the city and the situation is worse than the one on 26/5.

The heavy rains brought the city to a grinding halt on Tuesday and the authorities have been struggling to evacuate people. Several teams of NDPF and police have been deployed to rescue stranded commuters while several public places have been opened for people seeking shelter. The Indian Navy has also started running a kitchen to provide food and other supplies to the people stranded in the mega city.

The rainfall recorded by the automatic weather stations between August 27 at 8 am and August 28 at 8 am was 102 mm. IMD Director General K J Ramesh declined to compare the situation with July 26, 2005, and said,


10-15 cm of rainfall in a day is normal for Mumbai. The one the city received on July 26, 2005 was unprecedented.

The police and the CM of Maharashtra have been appealing to the people to remain indoors and have been providing regular weather updates.


Check out the photographs of catastrophe from different areas in Mumbai:





Helpline numbers


Providing weather updates




Elphinstone bridge




Mumbai, be safe!



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