Mumbai Police Used Movie Posters To Give Real Life Lessons And They Are Too Witty

11:53 am 4 Nov, 2018


Mumbai police is known for its witty ideas and social media handling in the best possible manner. They are too cool and understand that social media can be used effectively to make citizens understand the law in a fun way. The official Twitter handle of the Mumbai Police is filled with witty and humorous tweets made by them which makes them quite popular. They make sure not to miss any chance of using trending topics in their tweets that can be used to make people aware.

This time again, they used Bollywood movie posters which have a special place in the hearts of Indians. Earlier also, Mumbai Police used filmy situations or songs for making tweets now they have used some reel names with specifically drawn posters that try and depict the real lessons of life.




Look how the Mumbai Police used movie posters to deliver important messages with the hashtag #ReelNamesRealLessons”.

This poster is inspired by the movie 2 states, and it tells that a person should not drive after drinking liquor otherwise he can go from a safe state to a sorry state. The poster shows two cars and a bottle of liquor between them, the first car is the one in which the driver is not drunk, while in the second one, he is. So choose the state in which you are safe!




Bollywood movies usually have happy endings and the hero and heroine are shown to live happily ever after, but Mumbai Police told people that the couple will ride happily ever after if they both wear helmets. Here, they used When Harry Met Sejal movie and made a poster where both of them put on their helmets and rode happily and safely ever after. Such a cute way to deliver an important message.



In this poster, they took the movie Hamari Adhoori Kahani and tried to tell that since most of the accidents take place on the road which can make your life story an uncompleted one. The loss of lives can be reduced to a great extent if people start following safety rules, such as wearing seat belts while driving. Your story will get completed only if you wear seat belts otherwise it will be incomplete (Adhoori).




Twitterati praised Mumbai Police for their creativity and wit and this is how they reacted:




These tweets are so innovative and interesting. They have done a great job. What do you think?






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