Mumbai Police Troll Uday Chopra For His Marijuana Tweet, And Netizens Added On To The Hilarity

1:54 pm 16 Sep, 2018


With the increased use of social media platform, the netizens have become used to trolling the Bollywood celebrities in various instances. From Swara Bhaskar to Anushka Sharma, popular Bollywood celebs have become the common target of internet trolls over the past couple of years. While it has become quite common for B-town celebs to get mocked by the netizens on different occasions, it is definitely unusual when Mumbai Police trolls an actor for his unexpected use of words.

Reportedly, troll’s favorite celeb Uday Chopra got brutally targeted by Mumbai Police after the Dhoom actor tweeted expressing his heartiest desire. Uday Chopra took it to his Twitter account to battle for the legalization of marijuana in India. As he presented few arguments justifying his support for marijuana in those 280 characters, he wrote that marijuana is a ‘part of Indian culture’ and has ‘medicinal benefits’.



Have a read at Uday Chopra’s tweet demanding the legalization of marijuana:



However, in an unexpected turn of events, the alarmed Mumbai Police responded to the actor’s tweet in the most savage way possible. Mumbai police strongly yet politely reminded him that in spite of being a citizen of India who is privileged to express his views on the public platform, he must be ‘mindful’ since the consumption, possession, and transportation of marijuana is a punishable offense in India.



The police even asked the mass to ‘spread the word’ about the illegal activity. Have a read at Mumbai Police’s tweet slamming Uday Chopra:




Interestingly, Uday Chopra replied to Mumbai Police’s troll claiming that he doesn’t ‘use marijuana’. However, according to him, legalization of marijuana can be a ‘wise move, given our history with the plant’. Here is the epic tweet:




Evidently, their Twitter exchange caught the attention of the social media users and Uday Chopra once again became the talk-of-the-town for all the wrong reasons. While they loved how the cops reminded Uday Chopra about the law and order, their epic response reminded them of Dhoom series. Have a read at some of the best responses:






It is the best!



There is no doubt now!




When is Dhoom 4 coming?



Please say no to drugs!



Abhishek Bachchan, please respond!



Where’s the popcorn?



This is better than the film!



Sorry, but not sorry!



Later, Uday Chopra also tweeted to question about the importance of legalization of alcohol in India, knowing the health risks with the spirits. Read it here:




Well, it seems like trolls had a field day trolling Uday Chopra! He might remain their favorite till the time Uday Chopra knows how to use his words right. What do you think?