Mumbai Police Makes Tom Cruise Its ‘Safety Ambassador’, Twitterati Gives Unexpected Reactions

12:52 pm 31 Jul, 2018


Road safety has nearly always been a major point of concern all over India. Authorities across the nation are trying to do their bit to create awareness about safety measures amongst travelers. And in the latest, the Mumbai Police made a tweet warning bike riders off of performing stunts on roads. The Mumbai Police’s twitter handle is quite well managed and their tweets are usually quirky. This time too, the department made a fun attempt to control adventurous riders.

The police department tried to capitalize on the recently released Tom Cruise starrer ‘Mission: Impossible – Fallout’. They uploaded a short clip from the movie with Ethan Hunt (Cruise’s character) riding a bike. And tried to warn Mumbai bikers that it was not the safest way to ride a bike.

Here is the tweet by the Mumbai Police:



The thought behind the tweet is quite clever and using something which ought to be a craze amongst bikers is smart. But it seems like the tweet hasn’t gone down well with the Twitterati.



The Twitterati responded to the tweet in the least expected manner. They started taking digs at the Police department itself and even started mocking the state of roads in Mumbai. This is what some of the tweets looked like:


Potholes on Mumbai roads really do make it ‘Mission Impossible’ to ride like this.



Tom Cruise still survives such stunts because there are no manholes there, unlike in India.



The BMC makes it impossible to do stunts like this, we can’t even ride smoothly let alone stunting.



Mumbai Police’s sense of humor is lame, they should use their handle to urge for better roads instead.




What do you think of the tweet by the Mumbai Police and the Twitterati’s take on it?