Mumbai Police Joins The Nun Poster Meme Game To Deliver A Very Important Message

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4:09 pm 7 Sep, 2018


Horror has always been a popular genre for films and television shows among a large section of the audiences. And all of these horror show fans have been having a visual treat for quite some time watching Radhika Apte’s ‘Ghoul’ on Netflix and Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Stree’. The treat for horror fans isn’t over yet as the most awaited Hollywood horror film, ‘The NUN’ has released. A spin-off to the ‘Conjuring 2’, ‘The NUN’ is another thrilling film from Warren’s horror films.

The trailer of the film suggests that it would expose the story of Valak, the mystical character that binds the complete horror universe together. Here is the trailer for you, in case you have missed it:



Besides a craze for horror and Hollywood films, the netizens also have a major liking for memes. Most of the film posters nowadays have to pass through the meme game on the social media. And ‘The NUN’ is no exception. First, take a look at the poster of the film:



Ever since the poster of the film was released, social media users have given it a whole lot of ingenious and bizarre twists. We have compiled some the best ones for you right here. Check them out:












The netizens transforming anything and everything into a meme is definitely funny but not a new thing anymore. However, a new twist was seen in the ‘The NUN’ meme-game when there was a complete new participant in it.



Mumbai Police left one and all surprised with its participation in the meme-game to convey an important message. The significant message that Mumbai Police passed on to the people of the city through ‘The NUN’ meme was about parking.



Mumbai Police used the poster of ‘The NUN’ with a witty caption to reveal what happens when one parks his/her vehicle in a “Nun-Parking” zone. Take a look at ‘The NUN’ meme by Mumbai Police below:



Here is how Twitter responded to the Mumbai Police’s quirky yet intelligent meme:









Don’t you think Mumbai Police is a clear winner of the meme game?