Mumbai Police Stands With Zaira Wasim, Posts A Strong Message Slamming Those Who Trolled Her

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2:08 pm 19 Dec, 2017


Dangal star ‘Zaira Wasim’ recently made to the headlines for a horrific reason. The 17-year-old accused a co-passenger of assaulting her on a Vistara flight while she was traveling with her mother from Delhi to Mumbai. Zaira decided to go live on Instagram and share this terrifying ordeal with her followers. The actress broke down while narrating the incident and expressed that not even the cabin crew could intervene in the matter and do anything.


Soon the video went viral on the internet and netizen started doing all the talking about the incident. While the teenage actress decided not to file any complaint against the flight company, an inquiry was set up against the accused. The wife of the accused and friend defended him and said that he wasn’t in a good state of mind as he was returning from a funeral and was sleeping all him way back.



However, the Bollywood fraternity stood strong for Zaira and supported her. Unfortunately, there were many who slammed the actress and called it a mere publicity stunt. Zaira was even victim shamed by many insensitive people. The thing that shocked many was seeing women blaming Zaira for the whole incident.

Now, Mumbai Police has taken a stand for the 17-year-old actress and slammed the people who trolled Zaira and victim-shamed her.

Here’s what the police said,

Respect The Rights Of A Victim (Minor) Of Alleged Sexual Assault

We have observed in the last few days, that much has been written and spoken about the case of alleged molestation of a 17-year-old girl on a Delhi-Mumbai Flight on the night of 9th December, 2017. Most of the conclusions drawn seem to be without appropriate knowledge of the facts of the case and based on hearsay.

You must be aware that, since the girl is a minor, the case has attracted provisions under the POCSO Act, which imposes certain restrictions on all of us in our discussions on an open platform. Besides, we should also be sensitive enough in our discussions keeping in mind the agony, the minor victim must be going through.

Our action against the accused is backed by sufficient evidence against him and it has been under the scrutiny by the court of law. It is our request to all citizens and netizens, to exercise restraint while writing or speaking about the case of sexual assault on a minor without proper knowledge of the case.

Society judging a victim and shaming her is quite common in our nation but as Mumbai Police mentioned that because Zaira is a minor no one is allowed to discuss her case on an open platform. Here’s how people reacted:

While there were people who praised the Mumbai police for taking a stand for Zaira, there were others who cross-questioned the police and said that the accused is the victim here. Many even said that they still think that the accused has been falsely dragged in this case and strict action should be taken against Zaira.



Do you also think that Zaira’s accusations are merely a publicity stunt? Do share your views in the comments section below.