Mumbai Police Reminds All About The Contribution Of This Sniffer Dog, Twitterati Takes A Bow

5:22 pm 18 Jul, 2018


Police dogs are canines who receive special training to assist the police and law-enforcing agencies. Indian police departments also use police dogs for solving crimes and detecting illegal contraband. One such golden retriever sniffer dog which became a vital part of the Mumbai Police was Zanjeer.

Police officers gave him the nickname Ginger, because of the color of his coat. He worked with the Mumbai Police Bomb Squad for eight years. The sniffer dog died on November 16, 2000, after fighting a long battle with bone cancer in Mumbai.



As evident, the police canine also has a Bollywood connection. Yes, he was named after the famous 1973 Bollywood movie, Zanjeer.  And just like the movie, the sniffer dog was also super famous, but for his contribution to the Mumbai Police Department.



In 1993 Mumbai blasts, a series of 12 bombs tore the whole city apart and took hundreds of lives. But the death toll would have been much higher if not for Zanjeer. The sniffer dog helped detect over 3329 kgs of RDX explosives during the blasts. He also detected about 600 detonators, 6000 rounds of live ammunition and 248 hand grenades.



Zajeer received training at Shivaji Nagar’s (Pune) Dog Training Centre of the Criminal Investigation Department. After which he joined the Mumbai Police Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad on December 29, 1992. Zanjeer was not just a typical sniffer dog, he was an integral part of the bomb squad.

Recently, Mumbai Police Department remembered and honored their canine officer through their twitter handle. Here is the tweet by Mumbai Police:




Besides helping in finding the explosives in 1993 blasts, Zanjeer also helped recover 11 military bombs, 175 petrol bombs, 600 detonators and more. Naturally, when the brave dog died, he was buried with full state honors.

The post by Mumbai Police received immense support from the Twitterati. Check out some of the response tweets below:


There should be a biopic for Zanjeer too!



Animals are more loyal than humans.



One doesn’t have to be in human form to do something extraordinary for society.



Here’s bowing down to Zanjeer, and other such brave-heart sniffer dogs who serve the mankind.