Mumbai Police Is Keeping Up With The Meme Trend, And Netizens Cannot Stop Praising

2:50 pm 3 Sep, 2018


Ever since Mumbai Police has joined the popular micro-blogging website Twitter, they are winning our hearts with their witty wordplay. They have been using their Twitter account to spread awareness among the citizens of the country on public service issues including cybercrime, anti-drugs campaign, and traffic safety. What’s interesting is that they use a dose of humor in their tweets to keep the citizens interested.

Mumbai Police surely knows how to make the best use of trending hashtags and memes to get people’s attention. No wonder, this time also they have nailed the social media meme game.



In the tweet, Mumbai Police has encouraged people to follow the rules or else the punishment can be severe. For this, they have used a picture from the famous teen drama television series, Riverdale. The tweet reads:

“Well, we don’t really play cool if you break the rule! #AlwaysFollowTheRules”

They have used the famous scene from Riverdale featuring Veronica as she says, “Well, I don’t follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them.”



What’s more fascinating to notice is the quirky editing of Veronica’s dialogue that will surely make your day. Have a look at the tweet:



Evidently, the tweet generated quite a buzz among the netizens as they have responded to the Mumbai Police tweet with all-praises. While some users complimented the team for making the best use of a Netflix meme, others applauded the Mumbai Police for keeping up with the trends. Have a read some of the Twitter reactions here:










Of course!



Seems so!



We think so too!



Yes, please!



We think so too!






Well, this is not the first time when Mumbai Police has amazed us by keeping up with the social media trends. Recently, they shared a hilarious ‘Hera Pheri meme’ in order to warn people about the fraudsters who trick innocent people into illegal Ponzi schemes.