Mumbai Police’s Solution For Its Two Retired Squad Dogs Is Heartwarming

5:43 pm 1 Nov, 2018


There is something undeniably loving about dogs. Often referred to as the man’s best friend, these four-pawed creatures make our life a little bit more beautiful. This loveliness is apparent not only for the ones whom we keep at our home and pamper but also those dogs who are actively employed in security forces. Yes, today we are here to tell you the tale of Heena and Vicky, the two Mumbai Police dogs who retired recently.

Part of the 5-member group these canine detectives were serving on the force for about 10 years. Recruited under crime branch, these Mumbai Police dogs certainly have served in the best way during their tenure.




They helped in numerous cases. In one of the cases, Heena caught a psycho killer who used to rape and kill young girls. Heena is a Doberman and Vicky is a Labrador. They were initially trained by making them sniff clothes. Also, they were made to sniff human body parts. The dogs went through rigorous training to be able to identify the suspicious items before they were allowed to go on an active field.



Naturally, they were given proper respect as the part of the team when they were bid farewell in an illustrious ceremony. Now, are you thinking what will happen of the Mumbai Police dogs? Of course when they retired why will the department take care of the canines?



However, there is some good news for those who are feeling sad for these heroes. Well, the trainers of these Mumbai Police dogs said that the senior officers have decided to keep them in the office.

Yes, Heena and Vicky will stay in the office and the trainers will take care of the dogs. Isn’t that great! Naturally, people were elated to hear about this wonderful gesture. Here’s what they said:








What do you think about these brave canine detectives?

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