Mumbai Welcomes Monsoon With Local Train Snag; Residents Express Outrage On Twitter

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7:58 pm 21 Jun, 2016


While many celebrated the arrival of monsoon in Maharashtra, people of Mumbai were yet again brought to a standstill as commuting in the city became a nightmare on June 21.


The two days of continuous rains put the brakes on local trains to a halt so much so that Twitter was flooded with angry residents posting complaints about the scenario.

The worst local line to be hit by the snag was the Central Line, which connects important parts of the city like main terminal Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus to suburbs like Kurla.

The line witnessed delays as long as an hour with some trains even getting cancelled.



 Hindustan Times

Passengers at Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus Hindustan Times

On Mumbai outskirts, Thane, the situation seemed to be similar with passengers even going to the extend of protesting on the tracks at the Diva station.


The tracks were flooded and one train even had an engine failure at the Dadar station, which only added more chaos to the delays.

What made matters worse was a taxi strike that made commuting a lot more worse.


This is how many Mumbai residents vented on Twitter:


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