‘Mumbai Mirror’ Gives A Disgusting Headline After Interviewing Gopichand’s Wife. It’s Shameful!

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10:36 am 23 Aug, 2016

‘Mumbai Mirror’ is infamously known for publishing bogus news and then, getting publicly humiliated for it as well. And today was no different. A few days back, Pullela Gopichand, the National badminton coach, had mentored PV Sindhu to win her first Olympic medal. So, to know more about Gopichand’s journey, ‘Mumbai Mirror’ had a brief interview with his wife PVV Lakshmi. To sensationalize it, they publicized the interview in their daily newspaper with a gross headline with Lakshmi saying, “Sindhu has what I didn’t have – My Husband” 

They actually reframed her actual words “Sindhu has what I didn’t have back then – my husband as coach,”

PVV Lakshmi is also a former national Badminton player who represented India in the Atlanta Olympics, 1996.


I ask, what the writers at ‘Mumbai Mirror’ were thinking when they wrote this headline? Do they have any iota of respect for the person they interviewed?  This clickbait headline not only slaughtered their leftover respect but also, questioned the righteous of journalism. Twitterati waited no time to express their anger over this deceitful headline:

Often, writers cross their limits and use the freedom of expression too immaturely. One must remember that audience is smarter nowadays and understand the business of journalism very well!

To ‘Mumbai Mirror’:




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