Mumbai Man Finds Abandoned Infant In Auto; Twitter Rushes In To Help

5:53 pm 21 Nov, 2017


At a time when the internet is plagued by bullies and trolls, thanks to the overly active social media platforms, there comes certain rare moments when one cannot thank the social media enough. One such moment came across on November 19, when a Mumbai-based young man found a newborn baby while travelling in an auto. Unsure about what to do with the baby and yet reluctant to leave the baby alone, he took to his Twitter account to ask for help.

The baby was abandoned inside a closed auto. Twitter


26-year-old Hemant Sharma apparently found the baby abandoned in a closed auto. Without wasting a moment, he not only rescued the baby but also took to his Twitter account – with the username @Jugadu_banda – to post few images of the baby asking for immediate help. He captioned his post as:

Found this 3 to 5 day year old kid in closed auto. Please help me guys. I’ve no idea what to do? #help

Needless to say, the news spread like wildfire, with many users readily jumping in to help in every small way possible.

Likewise, the news attracted the notice of Mumbai Police, who readily replied to Sharma’s tweet, asking him to share his personal details in order to get in touch with him at the soonest.

Later in the day, Sharma once again tweeted the photograph of the baby, resting in the arms of a female constable.

Although the baby was now in safe custody, worried Twitterati flooded Sharma’s account with queries regarding the condition of the baby. Thereafter, Sharma once again took to his Twitter account to post a picture of himself with the baby, claiming that the baby is absolutely safe and sound. He wrote:

For all who’s asking for baby’s health. She’s just doing fine. She’s Stopped shivering too!

Replying to an earlier suggestion by the user, Sharma said that the baby is currently getting her medical examinations done at the Lokmanya Tilak Municipal General Hospital or the Sion hospital.

Later, Mumbai Police, too, confirmed the incident and thanked and congratulated Sharma for being such an honest and responsible Indian citizen.

And the best part is, Sharma hasn’t just brushed his hands off the incident yet. He is trying his best to find the baby a new set of parents, who will take care of the baby forever!


Truly, hats off to people like Sharma. He could have easily abandoned the baby fearing any type of legal issues that he might have entangled into. But he thought and did otherwise. And it is for this that India today upholds him as the hero today! Sharma, you have won our hearts!

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