The Way Mumbai Indians Punished Their Players Will Make You Go ROFL

6:10 pm 3 May, 2018


When you work as a team, maintaining discipline and solidarity becomes an important task. Considering this statement, IPL team Mumbai Indians has hand-picked a quirky way to maintain the discipline amongst the team players.



It is known that regular exercising and gym schedule is important for sustaining a fit and healthy physique during sports. Same goes for our favourite cricketers, and they have to follow a stringent schedule to keep them fit.




But interestingly, a lot of our beloved players do not follow the regular gym schedules and tend to skip gym sessions for various reasons. So, Mumbai Indians have taken a hilarious measure as a ‘punishment’ for the players who don’t follow the gym schedules or other rules.



To our very surprise, Mumbai Indians wicket-keeper and batsman Ishan Kishan, Anukul Roy and Rahul Chahar became the first sufferers of the ‘punishment’ as the trio missed their gym sessions.

And guess what the punishment is? The players will have to wear embarrassing ‘emoji kits’. The emoji kit is a blue jumpsuit with emojis of all the players printed all over it.



The trio missed their gym sessions and committed other mistakes, so MI authorities made them wear the emoji jumpsuit.



Mumbai Indians uploaded a video on their social media with the caption, “Look who travelled in Emoji kits this time around?”

Ishan Kishan said, “I was told about it two days earlier, but I completely forgot. So, I missed my gym session. I’m feeling quite awkward, that’s why I haven’t taken off my sunglasses inside the airport. I don’t want to make eye contact with anyone. I won’t make this mistake again. I will make sure of that”.

“It’s a punishment for reaching late,” said Anukul Roy.

Rahul Chahar said, “Whoever is late will have to wear this special kit. I was late to the physio room. In fact, I never reached. That’s why I have been punished. On the last, we were told to wear jeans, but I wore my tracks. When it comes to punctuality, I am always 10 minutes early.”

Check out the video here:



The ‘punishment’ by Mumbai Indians is indeed very hilarious!



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