When Dabbawalas Brought KFC Lunch Boxes And Gave Serious Meal Goals To Mumbaikars

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1:40 pm 31 Mar, 2016

Monday was like any other office day for most people in Mumbai. The regular morning blues were present and everything was as it has been for years now. But the famed Dabbawalas did something that brought a smile on the faces of some Mumbaikars.

For some Mumbaikars, Monday became a day they would not forget in a long time because the Dabbawalas brought with them not the steel or plastic tiffin boxes but a lip-smacking 5-in-1 treat from KFC.


Turns out that the some dabbawalas became delivery men as part of an innovative campaign for the brand. And that was finger-licking-good experience for Mumbaikars.


The meal comprised a chicken burger, rice and gravy, hash brown, hot and crispy chicken and hot wings.


Of course, wouldn’t Mumbaikars be left elated? Though not everyone could get hold of the treat.


Dabbawalas are an integral part of Mumbai’s gastronomic identity. Their efficiency of service and an error rate believed to be 1 in six million have made them a study at Harvard Business School.



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