From Living In A Mumbai Chawl To Becoming A Scientist, This Woman’s Story Is Inspiring Millions

5:23 pm 20 Aug, 2018


Life is tough for people living in chawls of Mumbai. It becomes certainly more difficult, if you are a woman. The story of Dr Rekha is indeed a glimpse of the difficulties she faced in her life, but also outlines how she made her own way and found a different life for herself. Rekha was born to parents who had taken a refuge in India. Since she was a child, Rekha’s mother was dedicated towards getting her educated. She later went on to become a well-known scientist at a place which specializes in cancer research.

Recently, Humans of Bombay shared Dr Rekha’s story which has now gone viral. In the post, it has been explained that Rekha worked hard towards her dreams and even took care of her mother, the time she lived in a chawl.




For her significant work, she was later awarded an honorary doctorate. Dr. Rekha explained her story and mentioned many important facts from her life:


“My mother taught us two rules: One, family comes first and two, if we put good out in the world, it’ll come back to us in some way. We were five kids and I was sent to an English medium school. The room that we lived in was tiny – a chawl system, toilets outside, no fan and only one fridge in the entire colony. We had one bed and 7 people in the house. I loved studying, so I would do my homework under the bed!”



She also mentioned that her mother used to say to her that one day she will be a doctor. She also revealed in the post that she was the first in her family to go a college.


“I would study under a streetlight at night so that I didn’t disturb anyone’s sleep– my mother would give me a bottle of cold water to keep awake. I passed with flying colors and then chose to study advanced chemistry. We all moved out of our chawl and after my father’s death, it’s been my biggest privilege to look after my mother and spoil her!”



Here is the complete post:





Indeed, Dr Rekha is a big inspiration to many people out there, especially the ones who lack any privileges.

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