Mumbai Boy Commits Suicide To Win The Blue Whale Challenge. Here Is Everything About This Killer Game

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 5:01 pm

We should not believe anything on the internet blindly but some forget this instruction. One of those was Manpreet Sahans, a 14 year-old boy from Mumbai, who committed suicide for the sake of a killer game.

The Blue Whale Challenge, or The Blue Whale Game, made Manpreet jump off the 7th floor of his building and no one could do anything. The boy searched for ways of jumping from the terrace. The day he committed suicide, he sat on the boundary of his terrace for about 20 minutes. Manpreet was talking about committing suicide to his friends but none of them took him seriously.

Manpreet’s last message before committing suicide. source


According to the source, Mumbai Police revealed that Manpreet was addicted to the Blue Whale game. The game asks players to commit 50 evil deeds and the last task challenges the player to commit suicide. Talking about Manpreet, the police said,

A person from another building saw Manpreet sitting on the parapet and kept asking him to get down. Manpreet even took a selfie with the person from where he was sitting and posted it on the group. He told his friends that one person was stopping him from committing suicide and that he would jump once he goes down.

Manpreet Sahans. source


It is believed that the Blue Whale Challange/Game originated in Russia four years ago. The game has already taken countless lives of innocent children in Russia, US, and the UK.

Unfortunately, once a person starts playing this game, there is no exit!  The game assigns different tasks that include inflicting self-injury, watching horror movies, waking up at odd hours to wrap the task and even carving a whale shape on the arms. The tasks keep getting tougher with each passing day. On the last (50th day), the game admin ask the player to commit suicide. Those who want to back out on the last day are threatened that their family members will be hurt if they don’t abide by the game rules. There is no exit.

One of the tasks of The Blue Whale Game. source


The saddening part here is that despite common knowledge of this psychopathic game which is being spread over a hugely popular Russian site VKontakte no serious checks are being made. Once you create a VKontakte account and log in, you will see highly depressing pictures and messages by youngsters on searching #bluewhale.

After completing each task, kids have to take a picture. This is the proof they present to the admin of the game so that they are allowed to get to the next level. The completion of each level is marked by a cut on their skin, which in the end represents the blue whale.

The game has claimed over 130 lives, but Manpreet’s case is the first in India. Mumbai Police is actively spreading the message to parents to keep a check on their kids’ activities and behavior.

The Blue Whale Challenge made Manpreet commit suicide and this incident is an alarm for parents and kids. It is a request to people to spread this message widely among their loved ones to save them from getting harmed by this vicious game.