Woman Dragged Out From Her Office And Raped In Punjab In Broad Daylight

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11:49 am 23 Apr, 2016


In Muktsar, Punjab, a 24-year-old Dalit woman was dragged out from her office in broad daylight by a man, taken to a farmhouse and raped.

The most shocking aspect of the kidnapping and rape is the utterly apathetic attitude of the people around her. Her colleagues in the office, people in the shops nearby and those in cars driving past did not help the young woman.

The woman was released by the rapist the next day. She told the police that the man was from the same village as her, and he is clearly visible in the CCTV camera footage of a nearby shop.

An FIR on the matter was lodged five days after the incident. Even though a month has gone by and both the identity of the rapist and proof of his kidnapping are available to the police, no action has been taken by them on this matter.

Police allege that the man in the footage is absconding along with an alleged accomplice. The National Commission for Scheduled Castes has asked a top cop from Muktsar to explain the delay.

What a hopeless situation it is for girls in this country when so many passersby dare not stop one lone man from kidnapping and raping a woman. The woman screamed for someone to help her but no one bothered.

Muktsar Kidnapping



Here is the footage of the girl being dragged from her office and her pleas for help being ignored by the aam junta:


Source: NDTV