These Families Did Not Allow Building Of Madrasa On Their Land And Are Now Facing A Fatwa

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6:04 pm 27 Apr, 2016

The Mukami panchayat of Deshvaliyan community in Ajmer has issued a fatwa against two families in the area and also imposed a fine of Rs 151,000 for denying to part with their land for what they called a ‘social cause’.

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Reportedly these fatwa was issued against these families as they had denied to give away one hectare land to the Madrasa society.


Representational Image Huffington Post

Representational Image Huffington Post

The community, not happy with their decision thus decided to restrict these families and not even allow them participate in the mass marriage celebration that will take place on May 20 and 21. They also published posters stating the same.

The two families are widow Mena Begum, who is the wife of late Ayob Khan Tak of Baadi Mohalla in Sarwar and Abdul Ajeez, son of Rahman Khan, who lives in the same area.

While Mena is left with just about six hectare of land that her late husband left, Rehman and his family earns their livelihood on what they get from this land.

On their denial, the Panchayat declared:

“No one will have anything to do with these families and no one will give anything to them. If anyone is found keeping any relation with these two families, they will face the consequences within community.”

Both these families have now approached the local police for help, but till now have got no response from them.

 The police meanwhile claim that they have ordered an investigation and waiting for the report to come.


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